Les Soeurs Pacotille

Les Soeurs Pacotille" is a young, dynamic company specializing in the creation and marketing of costume jewelry and accessories.

We, Sylvie and Sarah, founders of "Les Soeurs Pacotille" immigrated to Israel from France more than 20 years ago.

Only a few months ago, we were still employed in a stable and satisfying work in our respective fields, Sylvie as an accountant and Sarah as an interior designer.

Over the years we continued to follow French fashion in clothing, shoes and of course jewelry and other accessories. Our personal jewelry always brought compliments and of course the same question: Where did you buy them?

Thus was born the idea to sell elegant fashion jewelry of the highest quality and accessible to all budgets.

Beyond marketing, design is a strong aspect of our company and our purpose is to create a line purely "Les Soeurs Pacotille."

With “Les Soeurs Pacotille” we aim to present a fashionable “Paris” collection of jewelry, handbags, scarves, and other apparel that can be worn during the day, the evening or for special occasions.

Every woman will feel more special and unique with our exclusive jewelry.

Our adage: Exclusive Jewelry for an Exclusive Woman

Every woman will be happier and feel in harmony with herself wearing our fashion jewelry of high quality and reasonable prices.

Each of us is a precious jewel and the accessory emphasizes our beauty.

All our pieces are carefully inspected and we guarantee that our jewelry is vmanufactured of brass-based metals (copper and zinc), gold filled, silver or semi-precious metal and does not contain nickel. All our jewels are hypoallergenic and tested.

We now invite you to discover the latest designs and to choose jewelry that you love in our online store.

We wish you a good time and are at your disposal for any information and always with a smile,

Sylvie and Sarah
Les Soeurs Pacotille
Telephone: (+972) 2-5702967
Fax: (+972) 77-4702590 
Email: contact@lessoeurspacotille.com